The following are some of the talks that I have given at various events and conferences. Unless specified all the slides are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

If you are a conference organizer and want me to give a talk for an event, then contact me to check my availability. You can also use this bio and photo for the speakers page.


A quick Preview of WP Cli


WordPress Developer tools to increase productivity

WordPress Developer tools to increase productivity


In 50Hours Hackathon


Unit Testing for WordPress

Unit Testing PHP

Unit Testing PHP code using PHPUnit

Programming Arduino using Makefile


Editorial Panel member at Droidcon 2014

Hands on with Raspberry Pi

Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things

How Arduino helped me in different stages of my life

Having fun with Hardware

Exploring Raspberry Pi’s Serial Port


Getting started with Arduino

Getting started with Electronics

Controlling Raspberry Pi GPIO pins using Python

Hack 101

Make your hack standout using PureCSS

Getting started with Pig

Workshop – Building robots using Arduino


Getting started with Hadoop and Pig

Let’s build robots

Workshop – Building robots using Arduino

Using WebSockets with Android to control Arduino robots

Capabilities of Arduino

Controlling robots using JavaScript

Picture perfect hacks using Flickr API

Hacking 101

Capabilities of Arduino

Introduction to Node.js

Building Robots using Android and Arduino

Introduction to Hardware hacking and Arduino

Getting started with Dart

Transferring data from Android using Audio

Using JavaScript in today’s world


Building Robots using Android and Arduino

YQL – Yahoo Query Language

An Introduction to Node.js

YAP – Yahoo Application Platform

Introduction to Hardware Hacking

Scaling web applications using Memcache

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3


Making Arduino talk with Android using Amarino

Scaling web applications using Memcache

YAP – Yahoo Application Platform

Interacting with XMPP using PHP

Using Memcache to improve PHP performance

Using WordPress as a platform


RoloPress – WordPress based contact manager


A short introduction to jQuery


In addition to these talks I have also conducted lot of training internally at the companies that I have worked and have also helped organize lot events like Yahoo Open hackday, HackU etc.


If you are looking for my bio to include in your events pages, then use the following.

Longer (WordPress focused)

Sudar has been programming for more than a decade and is a polyglot. He has written production code in more than half a dozen programming languages – and most of it was using Vim!

Sudar started his career as a web developer, working with various technologies and framework. He moved on to building distributed applications using MapReduce and other big data frameworks to process and mine huge amounts of data. Sudar then worked at Yahoo Labs as a Research Engineer, where he analyzed user interaction data using machine learning techniques to better understand user behavior and interactions in web applications. His work resulted in increased conversions and improved user engagement. Towards the end of 2014, Sudar decided to shift his career towards WordPress and joined 10up, a leading WordPress design agency that makes web publishing and content management simple and fun.

Sudar first discovered WordPress in late 2005 while searching for a self hosted blogging platform for his migration away from Blogger. After tinkering with WordPress for his blog, he published his first WordPress plugin in late 2007 and has since continued to release more than 20 plugins with a total of nearly half a million downloads. He blogs about WordPress and web development at http://sudarmuthu.com

When he is not in front of a screen, Sudar enjoys reading and is a diehard fan of Isaac Asimov and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Other favorite pastimes include traveling, playing table tennis, tinkering with electronics and building small hobby robots.

Shorter (Hardware Focused)

Sudar Muthu has been programming for more than a decade and is a polyglot. He has written production code in more than half a dozen programming languages – and most of it was using Vim!

He generally likes to play around with gadgets and builds robots as a hobby using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He conducts workshops about Arduino and robotics and has given talks at various conferences about hardware programming. He blogs about his experience in hardware programming and about his various pet projects at http://hardwarefun.com


Also use this profile pic. Let me know if you need a high-resolution image.

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    We are using sql lite database to save data. The application has an interface to accept data and save it in the DB. In the report section we are generating graphs based on the data in the DB.

    Now are using a library named “achrtengine” for this purpose. But we are facing some problem to customize it as per the client’s design. Please find the attachment for the designs of the graphs. We have almost implemented the 2d version of the graphs but we couldn’t able to write numbers on the graphs as shown in the images. Which is the better method to implement the graph? Please advice

    Can yu help us in this

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