Hello and Welcome

I am Sudar Muthu and this is my personal site. It serves as a starting point for most of the information I have put on the web. I started this site as a hobby so that I can return back to this online world from where I have learned and still learning so many things. Have a nice stay 😉

My Blog

A place where I dump my thoughts and ideas (or rants) and try to document things that happen in my life. I talk about web designing/programming, WordPress, Android, Arduino, about the books that I read, about the certifications that I have taken or just about things which I like to share. You can start to read my blog or grab its feed.

My Pet Projects

I have a few pet projects that I have divided into the following sections.

You can also checkout my github page, where I post most of the code which I have released so far.


I love WordPress and the following are some of my work for/using WordPress

Arduino Makefile

This is one of my pet project that allows you to program Arduino from command line using Makefiles. You can checkout the code at github or read about it in my Hardware blog.

Contact Page

Want to suggest/comment/argue/contact/talk to me or just want to give a feedback, just head on to the contact page.