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I traveled to Kochi today to attend WordCamp Kochi 2017, the first ever WordCamp to happen in South India. I am waiting in the airport to return home as I write this.

Even though this was the first WordCamp in Kochi, the organizer did a wonderful job and it was planned and executed perfectly. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers.

Remote working culture in India

I was very surprised and happy to note that remote working culture has really taken off in India.

When I attended WordCamp Pune in 2015, apart from my colleges who worked at 10up, there were only one or two other people who worked remotely. But this time I found more than 10 people who are working remotely.

There were lot of foreign companies and even some local Indian companies that have adopted remote working.

I don’t get the eyeballs that I used to get earlier anymore when ever I mention that work 100% remotely 😉

My talk about increasing your productivity as a WordPress developer

I gave a talk about the different developer tools that I use to increase my productivity as a WordPress developer.

Instead of just listing down the tools or just talking about how to install/configure them which anyone can find out easily by a simple web search, I talked about my experience using these tools and the reasons why I choose these tools.

I feel that the sessions in which the speaker talks about his or her experiences in using a tool or a technology are far more valuable than the ones where they just list them down or talk about installing and/or configuring them.

I covered the following tools.

  • IDE (PhpStorm, vim)
  • Vagrant
  • wp-cli
  • xDebug
  • phpcs
  • phpunit


You can download the slides from my slideshare account or view them below. While you are at it, you can also checkout some of my other talks.

The talk was recorded, so I am sure the organizers will upload them to WordPress TV soon. Once it is uploaded I will link it up here.

There were lot of developers in the audience and the talk was well received. It was good to know that many people liked it. It really made it worth to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to catch the flight to attend this WordCamp.

You can checkout some of these tweets to know how much people liked it 🙂

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