The following are some of the Arduino related projects that I have worked on. It is subdivided into two sections, libraries and apps.

Feel free to use them and do let me know if you have any feedback

Hardware Fun

These days, I have moved most of my Arduino and hardware related projects to my other website hardwarefun. At hardware fun, I blog about Arduino and hardware programming and also write about my projects. Feel free to check it out.


These are some of the Arduino libraries that I have written for Arduino.


MissileLauncher is an Arduino library that can be used to operate USB Missile Launcher’s from Arduino using USB Host Shield. Read More>>


JoystickShield is an Arduino library that allows you to use the JoystickShield without much hassle. Read more >>


WiiRemote is an Arduino library which allows you interact with WiiRemote from Arduino. Read more >>

Memory Free

MemoryFree is an Arduino library, that allows you to keep track of the amount of free memory that is available at runtime. Read more >>


DC Motor Bot is an Arduino library that allows you control bots created with 2 DC motors and H-Bridge IC like L293D. Read more>>


These are some of the apps or projects in which I have used Arduino.


Asimi is a bot based on Arduino, which I created to experiment with robotics and different ways to connect to external interfaces from Arduino. Read More>>


iAndroidRemote is a combination of Arduino and Android, which allows you to control an Android phone using an Apple Remote. Read more >>

Blog Posts about Arduino

In addition to the above projects, I also write about Arduino regularly in my blog. The following are some of the recent articles about Arduino which I have written in my blog. Do check them out as well.

More posts: Arduino

Buying Arduino in Bangalore

Lot of people keep asking me how and where to buy Arduino in Bangalore. I create a blog post which lists down the different shops from where you can buy Arduino boards in Bangalore

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