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The events which I have attended or helped to organize. Like pipesCamp, WebCamp etc.

WordPress Developer tools to increase productivity

I traveled to Kochi today to attend WordCamp Kochi 2017, the first ever WordCamp to happen in South India. I am waiting in the airport to return home as I write this.

Even though this was the first WordCamp in Kochi, the organizer did a wonderful job and it was planned and executed perfectly. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers.

Remote working culture in India

I was very surprised and happy to note that remote working culture has really taken off in India.

When I attended WordCamp Pune in 2015, apart from my colleges who worked at 10up, there were only one or two other people who worked remotely. But this time I found more than 10 people who are working remotely.

There were lot of foreign companies and even some local Indian companies that have adopted remote working.

I don’t get the eyeballs that I used to get earlier anymore when ever I mention that work 100% remotely 😉

My talk about increasing your productivity as a WordPress developer

I gave a talk about the different developer tools that I use to increase my productivity as a WordPress developer.

Instead of just listing down the tools or just talking about how to install/configure them which anyone can find out easily by a simple web search, I talked about my experience using these tools and the reasons why I choose these tools.

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Unit Testing for WordPress

I am in Pune attending WordCamp Pune 2015. It’s been very exciting so far and finally I had chance to meet lot of people in person whom I am have been in contact online for more than half a decade.

My talk about Unit testing in WordPress

I have recently added Unit testing as part of my development workflow and it has helped me a lot as a developer and has even changed the way I think about code. It also has helped me a couple of times to catch bugs early that had the potential to spoil my weekend if it went to production 🙂

I gave a talk about how you can also use Unit testing to get peaceful weekends.

At the beginning of the talk I talked about the basic concepts in Unit testing and you can do it for plain PHP code. After that I moved on to show how the same concepts can be applied for WordPress code using frameworks like wp_mocks.

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PHP Unit testing at Drupal Camp 2015

I just gave a talk today about Unit testing PHP code using PHPUnit in Drupal Camp 2015.

I have recently added Unit testing as part of my development workflow and it has helped me a lot as a developer and has even changed the way I think about code.

In this talk I talked about how to get started doing Unit testing in PHP and about some of the tips that I learned as I started doing Unit testing.

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Unit Testing PHP using PHPUnit

I spoke about doing Unit testing in PHP using PHPUnit at the Bangalore Open source meetup today.

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Hack 101 at IIT Kanpur for HackU

I am currently in IIT – Kanpur to conduct Yahoo! HackU (Hackday for University), as I am part of the Tech crew that is conducting the event. This is similar to my previous HackU events.

During the event, I gave a talk titled “Hack 101”, which basically explains what is an hack, what is HackU and how to participate etc.

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Make your hack standout using PureCSS

I am currently in Hyderabad, attending Yahoo’s 6th Open hackday and I just finished my talk titled “Make your hack standout using PureCSS”.


PureCSS is a set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project and is one of the latest offering from Yahoo.

Do check it out, it is really awesome 🙂

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Syntax highlighting code in slides

If you look at most of my slides that I have created for my talks, you will find that whenever I have code, I always try to syntax highlight it.

It is very easy to comprehend code that is syntax highlighted and I always make it a point to do that, so that it is easy for my audience.

Recently a couple of people asked me how I do it and I thought of writing about it, so that you can also do it in your slides 🙂

No screenshots, please

I find that most people take the easy route and just put a screenshot of the code from an IDE. Please don’t do it. It defeats the entire purpose of posting code in the slide, since people can’t copy it. And also it becomes extremely difficult for you update it at a latter point.

So friends, don’t let friends do it 🙂

Rich Text Format (RTF)

Now that we have decided not to post screenshot, the next thing we need to do is to convert the code to RTF format.

Most IDE’s support copying the code in RTF format, so first check whether your favorite IDE supports it. If not there are many tools that are available that can do it.

If your editor is Vim

If you are like me and your favorite editor is Vim and you are using Mac, then you can use an addon called copy as rtf. This addon gives you a simple command :CopyRTF which will convert the entire buffer (or highlighted lines) to RTF, including the background and foreground color and copy it to buffer.

So, next time you show code in your slides, make sure you convert them to RTF, instead of placing a screenshot.

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Getting started with Hadoop and Pig

I was supposed give a tutorial about Hadoop and Pig today at SRII-India ICSEM 2012 conference today which is happening at Infosys campus in Mysore.

But unfortunately I was not able to attend it due a logistic nightmare created by the travel company used by the conference organizers.

I spent more than 10 hours to prepare the presentation with the demo code. I thought of sharing them here so that it will be useful for someone who wants to get started with Hadoop and Pig.

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Using WebSockets with Android to control Arduino robots

I just came back from DroidCon 2012 by hasgeek, where I gave a talk about using WebSockets with Android to control Arduino based robots. I talked about WebSockets, how it can be used with Android and then gave a demo that I made using WebSockets, Android and the node.js server which I wrote for jsFoo. The demo allowed anyone from the audience to control an Arduino based robot which I placed in the stage.

I didn’t just talk about making Android and Arduino talk to each other, since I have already covered that in last year’s DroidCon.

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Controlling robots using JavaScript

I just came back from giving a talk in jsFoo 2012 about controlling robots using JavaScript. I talked about the different options that you have to control external devices using JavaScript and gave a demo, which allows anyone on the internet to control the bot that I created.

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