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WordPress Developer tools to increase productivity

I traveled to Kochi today to attend WordCamp Kochi 2017, the first ever WordCamp to happen in South India. I am waiting in the airport to return home as I write this.

Even though this was the first WordCamp in Kochi, the organizer did a wonderful job and it was planned and executed perfectly. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers.

Remote working culture in India

I was very surprised and happy to note that remote working culture has really taken off in India.

When I attended WordCamp Pune in 2015, apart from my colleges who worked at 10up, there were only one or two other people who worked remotely. But this time I found more than 10 people who are working remotely.

There were lot of foreign companies and even some local Indian companies that have adopted remote working.

I don’t get the eyeballs that I used to get earlier anymore when ever I mention that work 100% remotely 😉

My talk about increasing your productivity as a WordPress developer

I gave a talk about the different developer tools that I use to increase my productivity as a WordPress developer.

Instead of just listing down the tools or just talking about how to install/configure them which anyone can find out easily by a simple web search, I talked about my experience using these tools and the reasons why I choose these tools.

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Unit Testing PHP using PHPUnit

I spoke about doing Unit testing in PHP using PHPUnit at the Bangalore Open source meetup today.

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Getting started with Hadoop and Pig

I was supposed give a tutorial about Hadoop and Pig today at SRII-India ICSEM 2012 conference today which is happening at Infosys campus in Mysore.

But unfortunately I was not able to attend it due a logistic nightmare created by the travel company used by the conference organizers.

I spent more than 10 hours to prepare the presentation with the demo code. I thought of sharing them here so that it will be useful for someone who wants to get started with Hadoop and Pig.

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Board Hackthon

Last weekend, a couple of us from computer club (read hardware enthusiasts) met together to discuss about the different development boards available and also to learn from each other.


The following are the list of development boards that we discussed during the hackthon.

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Introduction to Node.js at Yahoo Girl Geek Dinner

Last Thursday, I conducted a workshop about web development and node.js in Girl Geek Dinner event sponsored by Yahoo in Bangalore.

Girl Geek Dinner

Girl Geek Dinner was organized by Yahoo!’s Women in Tech (WIT) group, a grassroots volunteer-led employee organization at Yahoo!. The event is conducted to inspire and support the next generation of technical women.

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Building Robots using Android and Arduino in Google Devfestx

I just came back from Google Devfestx which happened in Bangalore today. The event was very well organized and I gave a talk on building robots using Android and Arduino. This is a slightly modified version of the talk which I gave at Droidcon. I have added some additional information, especially about NFC and communicating Audio Jacket.

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Introduction to Hardware hacking and Arduino

I just came from Ayana 2012 where I gave a talk about hardware hacking using Arduino.

About Ayana 2012

Ayana is a two day event conducted by PES IT. It starts with tech talks on the first day followed by 24 hour hackthon, similar to Yahoo Open hackdays.

Introduction to hardware hacking using Arduino

In my talk, I first talked about why a software hacker should look into hardware hacking. I then followed it by a brief introduction to Arduino, using the famous Blink program.

After that I was talking about different ways by which you can make Arduino talk to Internet and mobile phones like Android.

In the end I also gave out some hack ideas for the participants.

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Scaling web applications using Memcache

Last weekend, I gave a talk at Chennai Geeks meetup about using memcache to scale web applications.

There were lot of good questions and the discussion which followed after the presentation was very good. Thanks for the organizers for putting together a great event.

I have uploaded the slides which I used for the talk to my slideshare account. I have also embedded them below so that you can easily view them.

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Slides from my talk at HackU about YAP

This past weekend, Yahoo conducted HackU (Hackday for university) at IIT – Bombay and I was part of the Technical crew that conducted the event.

In the event, I talked about Yahoo Application Platform (YAP) and thought of sharing the slides here so that it could be useful for others as well.

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Celebrating Failures – FailCamp

The guys behind BarCamp Chennai, are putting together another event titled FailCamp.  If you are wondering what a FailCamp is, here is the quote from the official wiki.


We all make mistakes and learn from it to become a better person. Won’t it be great to learn from other’s mistakes so that we don’t make the same ones!

The focus is really not about the failure. It’s about why we failed and what lessons we learnt from it. Let’s not be ashamed about failing. Let’s celebrate failure. Let’s look straight into its eyes.

If it sounds interesting, head over to FailCamp wiki and register yourself. Here are the details about the event.


November 16 2008 – Sunday


Tenth Planet Technologies Pvt., Ltd.,

#807, P.T.Lee Building, 6th Floor, Anna Salai, (Opposite LIC building)

Chennai-600 002

Driving directions and parking information are available in the wiki. You can also find some pictures of the venue here.


Failcamp is also an unconference like BarCamp and everyone will be participating rather than just attending. Even you can help in organizing the event. In the wiki, you can find the list of items that needs to be done and you can pick any one of them that interest you.

I will be attending the event and if possible will talk about the lessons which I learned from one of my pet project King Ping

Let me know if you are coming and we can meet up and celebrate failures.

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