Hello and Welcome

I am Sudar and this is my personal site. It serves as a starting point for most of the information I have put on the web. I started this site as a hobby so that I can return back what I can to this online world from where I have learned and still learning so many things. Have a nice stay ;-)

My Blog

A place where I dump my thoughts and ideas (or rants) and try to document things that happen in my life. I talk about web designing/programming, WordPress, Android, Arduino, about my iPod (sometimes), about the certifications that I have taken or just about things which I like to share. You can start to read my blog or grab its feed.

My Pet Projects

I have quite a few pet projects. They are divided into the following sections

You can also checkout my github page, where I post most of the code which I have released so far.


I love WordPress and the following are some of my work for/using WordPress


RoloPress is an open source contact manager based on WordPress. You can try it out by downloading it from its homepage.

Contact Page

Want to suggest/wish/scold/comment/ advise/argue/contact/talk to me or just want to give a feedback, just head on to the contact page.