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The events which I have attended or helped to organize. Like pipesCamp, WebCamp etc.

Controlling robots using JavaScript

I just came back from giving a talk in jsFoo 2012 about controlling robots using JavaScript. I talked about the different options that you have to control external devices using JavaScript and gave a demo, which allows anyone on the internet to control the bot that I created.

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Picture perfect hacks using Flickr API

I am currently in Yahoo’s 5th Open hackday, which is happening in Bangalore and just finished my talk about using Flickr API for your hacks.

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Hacking 101 at IIT Bombay for HackU

Yahoo is currently conducting HackU (Hackday for university) at IIT – Bombay and I was part of the Technical crew that is conducting the event, similar to the previous HackU.

During the event, I gave a talk titled Hacking 101, basically explaining what is a Hack, how to participate etc.

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Board Hackthon

Last weekend, a couple of us from computer club (read hardware enthusiasts) met together to discuss about the different development boards available and also to learn from each other.


The following are the list of development boards that we discussed during the hackthon.

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Introduction to Node.js at Yahoo Girl Geek Dinner

Last Thursday, I conducted a workshop about web development and node.js in Girl Geek Dinner event sponsored by Yahoo in Bangalore.

Girl Geek Dinner

Girl Geek Dinner was organized by Yahoo!’s Women in Tech (WIT) group, a grassroots volunteer-led employee organization at Yahoo!. The event is conducted to inspire and support the next generation of technical women.

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Building Robots using Android and Arduino in Google Devfestx

I just came back from Google Devfestx which happened in Bangalore today. The event was very well organized and I gave a talk on building robots using Android and Arduino. This is a slightly modified version of the talk which I gave at Droidcon. I have added some additional information, especially about NFC and communicating Audio Jacket.

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Introduction to Hardware hacking and Arduino

I just came from Ayana 2012 where I gave a talk about hardware hacking using Arduino.

About Ayana 2012

Ayana is a two day event conducted by PES IT. It starts with tech talks on the first day followed by 24 hour hackthon, similar to Yahoo Open hackdays.

Introduction to hardware hacking using Arduino

In my talk, I first talked about why a software hacker should look into hardware hacking. I then followed it by a brief introduction to Arduino, using the famous Blink program.

After that I was talking about different ways by which you can make Arduino talk to Internet and mobile phones like Android.

In the end I also gave out some hack ideas for the participants.

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Dart Hackthon

If you have noticed, the last couple of my posts are around Dart, the new programming language which allows you to create web applications. It is because, last weekend, the Bangalore GTUG group organized a one day hackthon on Dart and I was part of the judging panel for the event 🙂

I started playing around with Dart for a couple of weeks now and so far, I kind of like the language, even though there are couple of bugs and some major features missing. That’s understandable since the language is still a technical preview.

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Transferring data from Android using Audio

Just came back from monthly Bangalore Android meetup. Today I gave a talk about transferring data from in and out of Android using the audio jacket.

About the talk

In the talk I mainly discussed about the way by which you can transfer data in and out of Android using the audio.

I also discussed about the ways by which you can read this data in Arduino from Android.

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Slides from my talk about using JavaScript at TechEd

Just came back after my talk today at Microsoft TechEd about JavaScript.

About the talk

The talk was mainly about using JavaScript in today’s world. I gave a brief about different frameworks and some suggestions on when to use each one of them.

It also covered using JavaScript in different scenarios. The following are the different use cases that I covered

  • Using JavaScript in the Brower/client
  • Using JavaScript in the server
  • Using JavaScript to create mobile apps
  • Using JavaScript to create desktop apps
  • Using JavaScript to control devices connected to your computer

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