Using WebSockets with Android to control Arduino robots

I just came back from DroidCon 2012 by hasgeek, where I gave a talk about using WebSockets with Android to control Arduino based robots. I talked about WebSockets, how it can be used with Android and then gave a demo that I made using WebSockets, Android and the node.js server which I wrote for jsFoo. The demo allowed anyone from the audience to control an Arduino based robot which I placed in the stage.

I didn’t just talk about making Android and Arduino talk to each other, since I have already covered that in last year’s DroidCon.


You can download the slides from my slideshare account or view them below.

Using websockets and android to control robots in realtime from Sudar Muthu


I built the demo using WebSockets, Android and node.js which allowed anyone from the audience to control the Arduino robot that I placed in the stage. The user’s browser communicated with the node.js server using Socket.IO and the Android app received this information through socket.IO and controlled the Arduino using ADK. You can find the entire source code in my github account.

The demo was well received and it was good to know that many people liked it. You can checkout some of these tweets to know how much people liked it 🙂

Arduino Workshop

As I said before, I am conducting an Arduino workshop this weekend. The workshop consists of hands-on sessions, where you can learn about Arduino and then use that knowledge to build a fully autonomously bot from scratch similar to the one that showed in the demo. You can find more details about the workshop from the workshop page at hardwarefun.

Buying Arduino in Bangalore

As it used to happen in my other talks about Arduino, even today lot of people asked me about places where they can buy Arduino in Bangalore. I have already collect a list of places from where you can buy Arduino in Bangalore. You can refer to that page, in case you are planning to buy Arduino in Bangalore.

Couple of people asked me what’s next and someone suggested that I build two robots, that can interact with each other. My personal favorite is to create a bot, that can fly. Let’s see what I make next 😉

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