Celebrating Failures – FailCamp

The guys behind BarCamp Chennai, are putting together another event titled FailCamp.  If you are wondering what a FailCamp is, here is the quote from the official wiki.


We all make mistakes and learn from it to become a better person. Won’t it be great to learn from other’s mistakes so that we don’t make the same ones!

The focus is really not about the failure. It’s about why we failed and what lessons we learnt from it. Let’s not be ashamed about failing. Let’s celebrate failure. Let’s look straight into its eyes.

If it sounds interesting, head over to FailCamp wiki and register yourself. Here are the details about the event.


November 16 2008 – Sunday


Tenth Planet Technologies Pvt., Ltd.,

#807, P.T.Lee Building, 6th Floor, Anna Salai, (Opposite LIC building)

Chennai-600 002

Driving directions and parking information are available in the wiki. You can also find some pictures of the venue here.


Failcamp is also an unconference like BarCamp and everyone will be participating rather than just attending. Even you can help in organizing the event. In the wiki, you can find the list of items that needs to be done and you can pick any one of them that interest you.

I will be attending the event and if possible will talk about the lessons which I learned from one of my pet project King Ping

Let me know if you are coming and we can meet up and celebrate failures.

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