Introduction to Node.js at Yahoo Girl Geek Dinner

Last Thursday, I conducted a workshop about web development and node.js in Girl Geek Dinner event sponsored by Yahoo in Bangalore.

Girl Geek Dinner

Girl Geek Dinner was organized by Yahoo!’s Women in Tech (WIT) group, a grassroots volunteer-led employee organization at Yahoo!. The event is conducted to inspire and support the next generation of technical women.


You can access the slides that I used for the workshop from my slideshare account. I have also embedded it here for easy reference. You can also checkout my other presentations and slides from my talks page.

Introduction to node.js GDD from Sudar Muthu

Demo source code

I have uploaded the source code of the demo which I used for the workshop to my github account. Feel free to use it in whatever way you want.

Embedding code in presentations

While preparing the slides, I solved a problem, which I wanted to solve for quite sometime (ie) to embed code in the slides with full syntax highlight. I will be writing a separate blog post explaining the same soon. So stay tuned 🙂

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