Building Robots using Android and Arduino in Google Devfestx

I just came back from Google Devfestx which happened in Bangalore today. The event was very well organized and I gave a talk on building robots using Android and Arduino. This is a slightly modified version of the talk which I gave at Droidcon. I have added some additional information, especially about NFC and communicating Audio Jacket.

Slides from my talk

You can access the slides of my talk from my slideshare account. I have also embedded it here for easy reference. You can also checkout my other presentations and slides from my talks page.

Building robots using android and arduino google devfest from Sudar Muthu


I showed a demo of my pet bot Asimi. You can download the source code and learn more about the bot from its homepage.

Due to some problem in the circuit, the demo didn’t work well. I realized that in future, I should always have a video of the demo handy, which I can show in situations like this.

I also showed a demo of a game which I created using a bunch of LED’s all connected together using charlieplexing. Will post more details about it soon.

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  • vinay says:

    this is kool sudar, thanks for posting, would it be possible for us to have a exclusive aurdino + android meetup and practically explore/ come of with some these products, i am all game to put together this kind of an event with you.
    Cheers, Vinay

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