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If you have noticed, the last couple of my posts are around Dart, the new programming language which allows you to create web applications. It is because, last weekend, the Bangalore GTUG group organized a one day hackthon on Dart and I was part of the judging panel for the event 🙂

I started playing around with Dart for a couple of weeks now and so far, I kind of like the language, even though there are couple of bugs and some major features missing. That’s understandable since the language is still a technical preview.


The following are some of the notable hacks from the hackthon

Snake Game by Sundar (it’s not Sudar 😉 )

It’s the classic snake game implemented in HTML5 using Dart. You can checkout a hosted version and the source code is available at github.

Charting Library

This is a charting library which allows you to create both pie and bar charts using Dart. You can checkout the source code in github.

Mocking library for Dart

It is a simple mocking library which allows you to write mocks to test Dart code. I personally liked this project very much.

Tbilisi hackthon

GTUG Tbilisi is planning to have a Dart hackthon like the one we had in Bangalore and tonight I am going to do a hangout session with them going over the Dart language and how we did our hackthon. You can check out the slides which I prepared for the event below. You can also checkout my other presentations and slides from my talks page.

Getting started with Dart from Sudar Muthu

On the whole, Dart is a good language which you can use to create complex web applications. But it’s not yet ready for prime time use yet.

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