Slides from my talk about using JavaScript at TechEd

Just came back after my talk today at Microsoft TechEd about JavaScript.

About the talk

The talk was mainly about using JavaScript in today’s world. I gave a brief about different frameworks and some suggestions on when to use each one of them.

It also covered using JavaScript in different scenarios. The following are the different use cases that I covered

  • Using JavaScript in the Brower/client
  • Using JavaScript in the server
  • Using JavaScript to create mobile apps
  • Using JavaScript to create desktop apps
  • Using JavaScript to control devices connected to your computer


I have uploaded the slides which I used for the talk to my slideshare account. I have also embedded them below so that you can easily view them.

Using Javascript in today's world from Sudar Muthu


If you have a question or feedback/comments about my slide, then do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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