Matt, Here is my Feedback

Matt Cutts, (the-guy-next-to-God for SEO’s) is a asking for feedback about various Google products and services at his blog.
Initially I thought of giving the feedback as a comment in his blog itself. But it was only after I gave the comment I realized that I need more from Google. So Matt here is my feedback


  • Gmail as my default mail application – I want to read mail from my other POP3 accounts
  • DELETE button and also a keyboard shortcut to delete the message
  • Keyboard shortcut to assign a label to a message.
  • Single keyboard shortcut to do a couple of things like pressing D makes all unread messages as read and achieve them
  • Ability to add my own custom RSS feeds for web clips

Google Talk

  • INVISIBLE mode
  • Offline message
  • Ability to add my webcam too
  • Connect it with telephone like Skype
  • Infinite archive of conversation

Google Pack

  • Ability to add our own software to the list provided

Google Earth/ Maps/ Local

  • Add India and the rest of the world too.

New products/ Services

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Office
  • Google Browser
  • And also Google OS 🙂

So guys, have you ever felt of giving feedback to Google? If so then here is your chance.

Matt’s Feedback url’s

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  • Ramesh says:

    Hey, dude, thanks for checking my blog and leaving comment.

    Well, in my personal opinion, i felt IE7 much better than Mozilla, and, my site was working fine in firefox till i left my place (i am now doing my project in bang) and, i didnot get time to fix the blog to render properly in firefox. so, just had that header 🙂

  • Aswin Anand says:

    hi sudar, i recently tried out google reader ( It seems better than bloglines…

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Aswin,
    Even I tried google Reader when it got released. But somehow I don’t feel much comfortable with it as I feel with Bloglines.
    Anyway thanks for the suggestions

  • Yuvi says:

    Well, who’s a SEO ?:P

    And, guess, I’d love to try out the Google OS when it comes out though. And, MSN Desktop Search Beats Google Desktop Search hands down…. belive me, and try it yourself, you’d be amazed;)

  • Sudar says:

    Yuvi, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO’s are people who help you to get your site listed in the top position in search engines.

    Hmm even I am waiting to use Google OS and lately (after the great crash) i am not using any desktop search programs. First reason i don’t want to waste around 1.5 GB of space, second i am planning to manage my data in a better way.

    BTW did you checked the subscribe to comments option below the comments?

  • Rajiv Shankar says:

    Try NetVibes ( Its just awesome !!

  • Sudar says:

    Ya Rajiv, I have used it, really awesome!!!

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