My site is up again

Continuing with my digital disasters my site also went down 🙁 and you know what, I didn’t had a backup. Yes I still have to learn the lesson. 🙁

It also thought me another lesson, never buy hosting from a cheap re-seller. I brought the original hosting account from a re-seller in eBay and I was happy for about a month but after that the company just disappeared overnight. To add salt to the wound I didn’t had a backup for my blog as well.

After that I bought another account from a reliable (?) hosting company and again took the pain to import the whole blog from blogger, like how I did it a month ago. But this time the new import option available in WordPress 2.0 was of real help (more on that for another day)

I was struck up with another problem after I imported. I only had posts which I wrote before I shifted to WordPress. Thanks to Google cache and Bloglines I was able to retrieve the posts which I wrote after I moved to WordPress and then I retrieved the comments from the email that were send by WordPress. So I was able to bring back my blog to the original state before it went down.

Thanks every one for the bearing with me during the downtime and for the support shown and wish you all a happy 2006.

Self Note: So two more resolutions for the New Year
1) Don’t buy hosting account from a cheap re-seller
2) Do take BACKUP of all important stuff.

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