Gmail has a Delete button now

Finally Gmail has a ‘Delete’ button now.

Gmail Delete button

Just read about it in the ‘What’s New‘ page of Gmail. As with all other feature releases Google hasn’t yet added this button for every one. I think they are testing it out before they could enable it for everyone. Even I am yet to see it appear in my account.

I was waiting for long time for this. I had a doubt that this is going to happen when Google changed the text for the delete option.

But I would be still more happy if Google could introduce a new keyboard shortcut to delete a message in addition to the Delete button so that I need not take my had away from the keyboard.

Hmm, I think the feedback that I gave to Matt is really working. Keep it up Matt and don’t forget the keyboard shortcut in addition to the delete button.

Update: Delete button has started to appear in my account too.

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  • Aswin says:

    hi, in addition to the delete keyboard, i would like the following features:
    1. sign out keyboard shortcut.
    2. forwarding mails without opening them (rediffmail has this).
    3. type a mail now & specify a time at which u want it to be sent.

  • Sudar says:

    But Aswin, I think even now we can automatically forward email from Gmail to another account with out opening. Check out this url and do let me know whether you were looking for this.

  • Aswin says:

    hi, that was not what i was looking for. I’m getting email from a lot of different sources. Lets assume after checking them, i find some emails that are useful. And when someone asks me about it, i just want to login, check (the checkbox) that mail and click on forward, without opening the mail. Currently rediffmail has this feature. But its possible for only 1 mail. For this feature to work, even captcha may be introduced so that forwarding spams by bots can be prevented.

  • Sudar says:

    Ok Aswin, now I got it. I never thought about it. It will be really nice if Google could do that too.

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