BCC in Gmail: a feature or a bug

Update:(15-Aug-2006) Well, it seems that the Bcc filed is displayed only if you are the sender of the message. The confusion is because in Gmail even the sent mails are displayed in Inbox itself for conversation view. Thanks Rajiv for pointing it out.

Recently, one of my friends brought up to my notice that in Gmail even the Bcc field gets displayed. My initial reaction was “No it’s not possible!”. Then I tried to test it by sending myself a mail and to my surprise, even the Bcc field got displayed.

Here is the screen shot.

Bcc field gets displayed in Gmail

I tried Googling around but couldn’t get a satisfying answer. So can anyone throw some light on this and let me know whether it is a feature or a bug or am doing something wrong.

PS: Yuvi, can you gather any information about my browsing activities from this screenshot as you did for Aswin? 😉

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  • Yuvi says:

    Uh, I can’t seem to get Trackback to work, so here’s a manual trackback:

    Leave a comment, and maybe, link:D

  • Rajiv Shankar says:

    I don’t think this is a bug. I sent a mail from my Yahoo account to my GMail account and put a BCc to my HotMail account (yes, I’m one of those ppl who continue to use Yahoo and HotMail inspite of using GMail !!). I did not get the BCc address when I checked that mail in GMail.

    If I am not wrong, you must have got this because you have sent a mail from your GMail to your GMail itself. May be you are getting the BCc address because of this. I guess there is nothing wrong in showing the BCc field to the sender !!

  • Sudar says:

    Ya Rajiv, you are correct. The Bcc filed is displayed only if you are the sender.


  • Sudar,

    Yahoo BETA compose page has a variant of it. It follows Outlook/Outlook Express. By default, BCC is not shown rather you see a link ‘Add BCC’ and then the Bcc: appears.

  • Sudar says:

    Ya, and it would be nice if there is a setting by which we can automatically enable it instead of clicking the link each time. But anyways I don’t use Yahoo nowadays. It’s too slow for me and gmail has got into my blood too much ;-).


  • I also get this problem.

    I have one more problem.
    While I sent email from yahoo account Bcc to my gmail account, Surprise! I didn’t get email.

    How this is possible?

    Can anyone tell me?

  • Rickyx says:

    I think it’s a bug:

    send e-mail FROM gmail To gmail and you can read all the contacts in Bcc field.

    If someone knows how to contact google people would be a nice fix.

  • Gordon says:

    Not a bug. As stated by others, the only address able to view the BCC field is the one that sent the email (eg. If I send an email to myself and person A, and BCC it to person B, only I can see that the email was BCC’d. Person A only sees the email was sent to myself and him, but not to person B. Person B will see the email was sent to myself and person A.)

  • Mehboob bhai says:

    when sender and receiver same.
    You wont ever see bcc when corresponding b/w different gmail accounts.

  • Mufeez says:

    Only one of you, Rickyx, is right. I send group emails all the time, and gmail users have complained that they see others’ emails in the bcc field. And I don’t think other users have that problem.

  • Ali says:

    It is no a bug. If you are the sender and a receiver in BCC, you (and only you) will be able to see whole emails (TO, CC & BCC). Normally, you will not send to yourself. BCC is working fine.

  • clay says:

    I have 2 gmail accounts One I use only on the web the other I access with outlook. I used outlook to send from one to the other using BCC. My email address was diplayed on my other gmail account.

    The other annoyning thing is that when I use outlook to send a bcc… it pops up in my inbox as a message from myself.

    I hope people are getting my bcc messages.

    I think I need a little more testing.

  • krishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Received one mail . Iwant see the bcc address ?

  • rakesh juyal says:

    I got a mail and it is showing Bcc as well

  • lifeh2o says:

    Thanks i was confused when i recieved my email myself with all BCCs , now happy by seeing that update.

  • RichB says:

    I’ve just received a confirmation email from an online store. My GMail account shows the sender address, my addres and a bcc address of someone at the online store.

    This seems to contradict most of the responses in this thread.

  • I received a message from someone completely unknown or unrelated to me (but with a gmail.com account) that contains my email address in both the to and bcc headers. I also had someone tell me their name appeared in the bcc of a message sent from a brown.edu address. brown.edu is currently outsourced to Google (ie, it’s Google Apps@Brown), but that makes it even stranger.

  • priya says:

    this blog is very use full

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