Why I like WordPress

Recently I was explaining to someone the benefits of using WordPress over Blogger. And in the end that made me to think why I really like WordPress, particularly 2.0. So here are some of them, in no particular order.

  • Tons of plug-ins, themes, extensible, active community etc. (The general things about WordPress)
  • Ability to take backup from Dashboard itself with just a couple of mouse clicks
  • Rich text editing – Ok I know some of you are not happy about it.
  • One click import option – you will love it if you want to shift from blogger.
  • Nice fading technique, after you make some changes
  • AJAX touch to the UI, particularly in the Write page
  • Blogroll support – Easy importing of blogroll from an OPML file.
  • Category support
  • Ability to add my own pages in addition to blog posts. Yes.. I am talking about using WordPress
    as CMS
  • Trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Well integrated approach to upload and link to images or any other file
  • Post-it bookmarklet
  • Inbuilt theme editor
  • Hierarchical management of users
  • Excellent comment spam filtering – ability to backlist comment spam based on words, ip, user etc.

I am sure I have forgotten to mention some features which I love about WordPress and will add them to the list as and when I remember them.

BTW congrats to (the smart) Santhapa (My college met) for his new photo blog, which he plans to update daily. He is studing management (MBA) in IIT Madras (Chennai ?) and off late he has started to get his hands on photography. So guys if you want to check out photos taken by a waiting-to-be-written photographer then it’s available at here at his blog.

All the best smarty..

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  • Yuvi says:

    Well, WordPress might have these advantages, but the Import Function is not available in WordPress.com:( Well, if I could get that Import Function, I fancy I could move to WordPress…..

  • Sudar says:

    Well yuvi, I think you got confused between WordPress software and WordPress.com (the free blog hosting service). I was indeed referring only to the WordPress software and particularly version 2.0

  • Yuvi says:

    And, so, WordPress.com runs WordPress Software, right ? And, it’s v2 As well…. So, I’m not talking about WordPress.com, I’m also talking about the WordPress software which is used by WordPress.com…

  • Sudar says:

    But WordPress.com is running only a striped down version of WordPress 2.0 and the features that you are talking about are striped. Hope you understand it now.

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