Buying Arduino in Bangalore

After seeing my talks and projects on Arduino lot of people keep asking me the same Question. Where do buy Arduino or other electronic components in Bangalore?

Instead of replying to them individually, I thought I would post about it here, so that it is useful for others as well.

Okay, to buy Arduino in Bangalore you have two options, either buy them offline (in a brick and motar shop) or buy them online.

Buying electronic components in Bangalore

In general you can find most of the electronic components that you need for your hobbyist projects in SP road in Bangalore. It is similar to Richee Street in Chennai. (I guess every city has a similar a similar road)

For people who are new to Bangalore, I have embedded a map of the place, which I am talking about below.

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Shops that sell Arduino in Bangalore

In SP road, I know the following shops that sell Arduino. There could be others as well, but these are the ones that I have personally bought Arduino from.

  • NSK Electronics (price Rs. 1300, checked on 24-March-2012)
  • Vishal Electronics (price Rs. 1300, checked on 24-March-2012)

NSK Electronics also sells Arduino clones for a much cheaper price. Once thing to keep in mind is that, these Arduinos don’t come with the USB cable. You have to buy them separately. Don’t forget to buy them as well. Last time I checked the price was around Rs 20.

Buying Arduino Online in India

If you are not in Bangalore or if you prefer to buy them online then you can buy them from one of the below shops.

  • – I bought my first Arduino from them, way back in 2010
  • – They are slightly costly, but they have Arduino ADK boards as well.
  • – They have lot of good tutorials and also have a clone as well.

Buying USB Host shield

I have not seen any shop selling USB Host Shield in Bangalore so far. The only option is to buy them online from Circuits@home

If you find a better option, then let me know in the comments below and I will add them to the article. Till then, best luck with your Arduino 🙂

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