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I was checking my emails in Gmail today and when I wanted to delete a message, I selected it and was searching for the ‘Move to Trash‘ option in the drop down and was surprised when I was not able to find it. On second notice I found only a new option ‘Delete‘.

I still have a feeling that it was ‘Move to trash‘ option before but I am not very sure. Can anyone (Who has better memory than me) confirm it?

Update: Google has also deleted messages in the Trash which are older than 30 days and has freed up the space. I think Google is up to some space-recycling sphere.

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  • Aswin says:

    hi!! it was “Move to Trash” before…

  • Sudar says:

    Thank God, I remembered it correct.

    Thanks Aswin for confirming it

  • aswin says:

    Sudar, whats wordpress actually?

  • Sudar says:

    WordPress is actually a open source software written in PHP which is used for publishing blogs.

    Blogger has its own blogging software which is similar to WordPress. In addition to the blogging software, Blogger also gives you free domain to host your blogs. But WordPress is much more powerful than the one provided by Blogger and you can virtually control every single aspect of your blog. So if you want more control for your blog then you can buy your own domain and install WordPress and host your blog.

    Hope this clears your doubt. Let me know if you need any more explanation

  • Aswin says:

    Thanks a lot Sudar!! that was very informative. Where did you buy your domain, its features, price per year etc. I’m also have to buy a domain soon…:-)

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