Github Ribbon Plugin v1.2 release

I just released v1.2 of my Github Ribbon Plugin.

About Github Ribbon

Github Ribbons is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add “Fork me on Github” ribbons to your WordPress posts or pages. You can enable the ribbon per post/page level or at global level.


Github Ribbons plugin allows you to override the global settings at a post level. Earlier this feature was available only for posts and pages but in this release, this feature is extended to all public custom post types.

In addition to that I have also changed the filter that is used to add the ribbon markup. Earlier I was using the the_content filter which had some issues with certain themes. Now, I am using the wp_footer filter which fixes these incompatibilities.


The easiest way to update the plugin is to automatically update it from the WordPress admin console.

If for some reason you don’t want to automatically update the plugin or would prefer to download the plugin then you can download it from WordPress plugin repo as a zip file.

Try out the latest release and let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

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