Year End Stats Plugin v1.0 release

I just released v1.0 of my Year End Stats WordPress plugin just in time for you to write your year-end review posts.

This release adds a lot of new features and is a mandatory update.

About Year End Stats Plugin

Year End Stats is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create some fancy graphs about your blog which you can use for your year-end review posts. I have done these year-end posts for more than half a decade now and I created this plugin to make it easy for me to do it. Ohh, by the way this was the first WordPress plugin that I released publicly 🙂

This plugin allows you to create graphs for the following status about your blog

  • Number of posts per year
  • Number of comments per year
  • Average length of posts per year
  • Total number of posts per year

New Features

The following are the new features that I have added in this release.

  • Support for shortcodes. Now you can use shortcodes to embed these graphs in your posts. Checkout the plugin homepage for details on the shortcodes that you can use.
  • Use Flot library for generating graphs instead of the old Open Flash chart library. This also removed the dependency on Open Flash chart library that the plugin had earlier.

In addition to the above features I have also rewritten most parts of the plugin for better performance.

PHP 5.3 and above only

Apart from the above features there is also one major change that I did. I have stopped support for PHP 5.2.x and this plugin only supports PHP 5.3 or above. Going forward I am thinking of supporting only PHP 5.3 and above in all my plugins. This was a conscious decision that I have made and I will be writing about it soon.

Update: I wrote another blog post to explain the reasons behind dropping support for PHP 5.2 in my plugins.


You can download the plugin from WordPress repo or can automatically update it from your WordPress admin console itself.

Try it out and let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

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