Easy Retweet Plugin v3.0.3 release

I just released v3.0.3 of my Easy Retweet WordPress plugin.

About Easy Retweet WordPress plugin

Easy Retweet WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily add Twitter tweet or bit.ly buttons to your WordPress posts.

You can choose to add these buttons using any one of the following ways

  • Automatic way – Just configure the button in the settings screen
  • Using shortcodes
  • Using template functions

You can also enable Google Analytics tracking for the links that are generated by buttons created by this plugin.

Bug Fix

Recently a user of the plugin reported a bug in the Google Analytics tracking code that prevented the utm_medium parameter to be generated properly. You can read more about this bug in github.

This release fixes the above bug and is a mandatory upgrade. So make sure you update the plugin.


The easiest way to update the plugin is to automatically update it from the WordPress admin console.

If for some reason you don’t want to automatically update the plugin or would prefer to download the plugin then you can download it from WordPress plugin repo as a zip file.

Try out the latest release and let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

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