Email Log WordPress plugin v1.9 released

I just released version 1.9 of my Email Log WordPress plugin. This released fixed an issue with pagination while viewing log files and various improvements at code level.

About Email Log WordPress plugin

Email Log is a WordPress plugin that allows you to log every email sent through WordPress and provides a UI where you can view them. The logged emails can be searched based on date, email address or subject.


The major issue that got fixed in this release is the issue with pagination. Because of the way I constructed the count query, the pagination in the view log screen was having issues if you cleared your logs.

This issue was reported in the support forum and was a bit difficult to replicate since it happened only when you deleted huge number of logs.

One side effect of fixing this issue is that it has also improved the performance of the view log screen if you there were huge number of email logs 🙂

Code Improvements

Apart from the above bug fix, this release also had lot of improvements to the code like the following.

  • Full PHP Doc block for all public methods
  • Explicit access modifiers to all class methods
  • Cleaned up and removed unused code

All the above code improvements were single-handedly done by Daniel. Thanks Daniel!

Unit Tests

Another major improvement is that I have started adding Unit tests for the plugin. Right now the code coverage is very low, but I am planning to improve it with help from Daniel.

I am planning to add lot of new features in the next release (v2.0) and having unit tests before that will definitely shorten the testing time for next release.


The easiest way to update the plugin is to automatically update it from the WordPress admin console.

If for some reason you don’t want to automatically update the plugin or would prefer to download the plugin then you can download it from WordPress plugin repo as a zip file.

Try out the latest release and let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

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