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Back from WebCamp

I attended WebCamp today as planned. It was good and there were talks about web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, Django, Flex etc. Unfortunately I was not able to give my talk about jQuery as planned due to some issues with the timings. I was pretty disappointed at first; since it took me considerable amount of time to prepare for the presentation and added to that I drove for more than two hours to attend the event. Anyway that’s life isn’t? 😉 You will never know what life has for you the next second. If everything goes as planned, then life would be as dull as a recorded circket match. It is uncertainty which gives life to life (wow! I can make a quote too 😉 ).

Anyways to be positive I learned a lot of new things about jQuery when I did my research to prepare for the presentation, even though I have been using it for the past couple of months. Hope you guys also find my slides about jQuery useful.

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Alternative for WinSCP – WinSCP

Some time back I asked you guys to recommend me a FTP program with the Keep remote directory up to date feature of WinSCP. Ramesh asked me write my own, but I couldn’t find time (the same lame excuse of a programmer, the truth was I was very lazy 😆 )

Well today I found an alternative to WinSCP, it’s called WinSCP. My plea is answered and WinSCP now supports FTP too. Thanks Martin and the other WinSCP guys. You rock!

And now my search for a FXP client has started. So guys, any recommendation?

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CSS Naked day 07

If you are wondering why my site is lacking its original design then it’s because I am participating in the CSS Naked day 07 like last year.

Well, if you are going to ask me what is CSS Naked day then here is the extract from the official site.

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words.

If even you want to participate then register your site in the official site and then strip the CSS from your site. If you are on WordPress then you can use this plugin.

Happy stripping 😉

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Alternative for WinSCP

Well guys I need a recommendation from you.

I have been using WinSCP as my SFTP client for quite sometime and I am extremely happy about it. In particular I like the Keep Remote Directory up to date feature of WinSCP. But one problem with WinSCP is that it doesn’t support plain FTP.

So I started looking for a FTP program which supports plain FTP and has the Keep Remote Directory up to date feature. All my googling efforts became fruitless and I have decided to seek the help of thee. So recommend me some good alternatives for WinSCP.

Update (05 – May – 2007) : My plea was answered. Check out my updated article.

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XHTML Strict validation or target attribute?

Recently I found that some of my pages were not of valid XHTML Strict doctype and the culprit is the target attribute in my tag which I used to open external pages in new window.

With a little bit of googling I found that I was not the only one who is facing this issue. In addition to that I also found lot of hacks and JavaScript scripts to make the links open in a new window without using the target attribute. Notable among them are this Sitepoint article and the recent one by Roger.

Time to decide, whether I have to the remove target attribute or use these JavaScript hacks or make my XHTML documents as transitional doctype. I am certainly not interested to use the JavaScript hacks but at the same time don’t want to go back to transitional doctype also.

Since this is my personal site I had the liberty to choose what ever I wanted and I have decided to leave it as it is. But my decision would have been different (or would have taken more time) if it was one of my client’s pages. So here after all my pages will have the XHTML Strict doctype and also the target attribute. After all rules are meant to be broken right 😉 what do you guys say?

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getElementsByTagName and the sort order of the result array

I was just wondering how the result array of the getElementsByTagName function will be sorted. Will it be elements of the array be sorted in the order in which they appear in the document or is it completely random? And how does it behave in different browsers?

Can anyone shed more lights on this or provide me some pointers?

Self Note (by my evil twin): Sudar, you have become lazier these days. If you are not getting a response take the pain to test it across different browses by yourself!!

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What is your IDE?

My post on my love with Java has sparked a mild IDE war in the comments section. So I thought of sharing my thoughts on using an IDE.

I have used just simple text editors like vi, notepad, textpad to full grown IDE’s like Zend, IntelliJ IDEA etc. (Well I know that some of you are going to accuse me for calling vi has just a simple text editor 😉 ) and my answer to the question, “Whether you need an IDE?” is surely YES. I have worked under people who think that using an IDE is overkill and distracting but personally my view is that if you are going to do the same task more than twice a day then your IDE should do it. But at the same time I do respect people’s view that an IDE should be simple to use and not bloated and too heavy on the machine. After all you are going to spend most of your time with it and if it’s too slow then you productivity is under danger.

When ever I get a chance to meet a person working as a web developer one of my first questions to them would be, “What IDE are you using?” and believe it or not it is worse than the question “Which religion do you follow?” and have fought/witnessed soo many IDE wars. 😉

So if you ask me what my favorite is, For Java I mainly use IntelliJ IDEA and I simply love its refactoring, debugging and navigation support. I can go to any method/class/file with just a few keystrokes. I also love its code folding and its support for Javascript and CSS.

But for PHP I should rather admit that I am still in the search of a one with all the features I need. I use Zend mostly and love its debugging and syntax support but miss code folding (For HTML) and support for Javascript and CSS.

Recently I came across Aptana and it looks really promising. It has built-in support for both Javascript and HTML/CSS. If they could add support for PHP (which they say is coming soon) I am sold.

So guys, tell me “What IDE you use?” and what is your favorite feature?

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Why I (still) like Java

From the day I started programming, I have been on different camps on the battle between strongly typed and weekly typed languages at different times.

For close to 2 years I was working on a java project and at that time I used to wonder why it was designed to be so strongly typed. I have to declare each and every variable, initialize them, cast them properly if I am converting their data type etc and at times I used to get frustrated at the type of errors the complier throws at me every time I try to compile them. I wished I could tell the complier to stop guessing what I was trying to do and that I am smarter than it.

But now I understand their importance. I have recently started working on an ASP project (yes it is not migrated to ASP.NET yet!) and in last week I spent around half a day trying to figure out what was wrong in my code. All I got was just a simple ‘type mismatch’ error. The same lines of code were working perfectly in another page but not on this particular page. It was just an assignment statement which was calling a method and was assigning the return value to a variable.

After hours of debugging (with lot of head banging’s and nail bytes) I found out that I have forgotten to include the file in which that method was declared. If it had been my Java dear then it wouldn’t have thrown the apt ‘Method not found’ error the very first time I complied it. And I would have saved some a couple of hours of my time (and also my head and nails) 😉

Ohh my dear Java, I miss you very much dear..

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Firefox crashes (too often)

I updated to Firefox only to find that it is very unstable in my system. It is crashing almost every 20 minutes and has already crashed a couple of times. It just reminds me the problems that I had with Firefox 1.0.4 almost a year back and I think the same bug has creped in again. May be it is getting replicated in all versions that end with xxx.0.4 😉

I am just wondering whether it is happening only to me or even others are also facing the same problem. But anyway this has made me to use IE after a very long time and I am composing this post in IE after a very long time.

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What is your Level of web knowledge?

Well I am going to flirt with an Internet Meme which is getting spread around. It all started when Emil wrote Levels of CSS knowledge. This inspired Roger to write Levels of HTML knowledge and that got followed by Levels of Javascript knowledge, the levels of Accessibility knowledge etc.

Instead of leaving a comment on each blog separately I decided to write about my level of knowledge here. So here it goes

Apart from letting you know where you are standing, these posts are really fun to read. So what is your Level of web Knowledge?

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