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Back from WebCamp

I attended WebCamp today as planned. It was good and there were talks about web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, Django, Flex etc. Unfortunately I was not able to give my talk about jQuery as planned due to some issues with the timings. I was pretty disappointed at first; since it took me considerable amount of time to prepare for the presentation and added to that I drove for more than two hours to attend the event. Anyway that’s life isn’t? 😉 You will never know what life has for you the next second. If everything goes as planned, then life would be as dull as a recorded circket match. It is uncertainty which gives life to life (wow! I can make a quote too 😉 ).

Anyways to be positive I learned a lot of new things about jQuery when I did my research to prepare for the presentation, even though I have been using it for the past couple of months. Hope you guys also find my slides about jQuery useful.

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WebCamp – An unconference about web frameworks

One of the organizers of pipesCamp, Prabhu, is organizing another unconference called WebCamp in Chennai. WebCamp is an unconference (like BarCamp) to discuss about the advantages, disadvantages and correct uses of various web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django etc. So if you are crazy about Web 2.0 and live in Chennai then be sure to attend. More over it is going to be a pure technical event without any non-technical people so as to concentrate on highly technical stuff.

I am planning to talk about Client side frameworks, mostly about jQuery. If you want to attend or give a presentation just add your name in the wiki and spread the word. You can add the tag WebCamp or WebCampChennai to your blog posts, Flickr photos, Slideshare slides etc.


Saturday, Feb 23 2008.


9/55, Karikalan Street,
Jafferkhanpet, Ashok Nagar,
Chennai, TN, India 600083
Phone: +91 44 43521306



Hoping to meet you all there and I will keep you updated about my experience there.

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