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Handling FTP usernames with @ in them

During my recent FTP adventures, I also found that some shared hosting sites give you an FTP username with the ‘@’ symbol in them. It is fine as long as you are going to use a GUI client to connect to FTP. But if you try using the commandline or Finder in Mac, you will have issues since the ‘@’ symbol is also used to separate the username from the host.

After some research I found that the ‘@’ symbol in the username can be replaced with ‘+’ while specifying it in the command line. I tested it with both wput and the Finder in Mac and it worked perfectly in both.

So remember, the next time you try to connect to FTP server from command line and you have a ‘@’ symbol in the username, then replace it with the ‘+’ symbol. Happy FTP’ing 😉

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Excluding .svn folders while transferring entire folder by FTP

Recently I had to transfer an entire folder, with lot of sub-folders to an FTP server. I know that there are lot of FTP GUI tools available that can do it, but I wanted to do it in command line so that I can script it.

I searched for the solution and came across an excellent tool called wput, which does exactly that very easily. It is very similar to wget, but instead of downloading the content, it allows you to upload it.

I installed it using apt-get and was trying to upload the entire directory. It was at this point I realized that I want to exclude all the .svn folders.

I again started searching for an answer. I even posted about it in stackoverflow, but couldn’t find a solution. I then went over the man page of wput and hidden inside was this gem, which allowed you decide on which files to include/exclude from the directory.

I thought of posting it here, so that it is useful for others and also I know where to find it when I need it next time.

So all you need is just one line. If you have not installed wput before, the install it using one of the following commands based on your operating system.

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Alternative for WinSCP – WinSCP

Some time back I asked you guys to recommend me a FTP program with the Keep remote directory up to date feature of WinSCP. Ramesh asked me write my own, but I couldn’t find time (the same lame excuse of a programmer, the truth was I was very lazy 😆 )

Well today I found an alternative to WinSCP, it’s called WinSCP. My plea is answered and WinSCP now supports FTP too. Thanks Martin and the other WinSCP guys. You rock!

And now my search for a FXP client has started. So guys, any recommendation?

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Alternative for WinSCP

Well guys I need a recommendation from you.

I have been using WinSCP as my SFTP client for quite sometime and I am extremely happy about it. In particular I like the Keep Remote Directory up to date feature of WinSCP. But one problem with WinSCP is that it doesn’t support plain FTP.

So I started looking for a FTP program which supports plain FTP and has the Keep Remote Directory up to date feature. All my googling efforts became fruitless and I have decided to seek the help of thee. So recommend me some good alternatives for WinSCP.

Update (05 – May – 2007) : My plea was answered. Check out my updated article.

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