Firefox crashes (too often)

I updated to Firefox only to find that it is very unstable in my system. It is crashing almost every 20 minutes and has already crashed a couple of times. It just reminds me the problems that I had with Firefox 1.0.4 almost a year back and I think the same bug has creped in again. May be it is getting replicated in all versions that end with xxx.0.4 😉

I am just wondering whether it is happening only to me or even others are also facing the same problem. But anyway this has made me to use IE after a very long time and I am composing this post in IE after a very long time.

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  • Yuvi says:

    Same thing for me. But, it was for me. The Screen invalidated very often, and Memory usage seems ridiculosly high[around 100 MB for some 10 tabs!]. The Mouse wasn’t behavin properly with notification states.. But, after it upgraded to, the problem seemed to vanish….

  • Sudar says:

    Well then I suspect the problem is not related to this particular version alone.

  • Josef says:

    I experience the same thing. Since I upgraded to Firefox has been very instable. It’s been highly frustrating. I hope they’ll send out a fix soon. Otherwise I’ll have to switch browser.

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Josef,

    Thanks for confirming.

    As you said it’s really frustrating and I am waiting for a fix..

  • Mozzil says:

    Absolutely the same with my It crashes for no obvious reason. I was thinking that maybe one of the extensions is not compatible with this new version and makes Firefox crash.
    I’m using Opera more often now, it’s much better idea than switching back to IE. The only thing I don’t like in Opera is that this browser doesn’t display the rich-text-editing textareas, which I need to format the posts in my blogs.

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Mozzil,

    Even I was using both Opera and IE to compensate for Firefox for my browsing. But some how the frequency of FireFox crash has reduced now after I updated my extensions. Letâ??s hope Firefox team release a fix soon.

  • Arjun says:

    Try disabling all the extensions. It used to crash even for me. But disabled all extensions.. its stable. Alteast it does not crash.

    After that, enable one extension at a time, and see which one is causing the problem. For me, it looks like session saver or tabbed browser pref is the culprit.

    Also, the performance of is sluggish.. not too good..even with all extensions disabled… Sometimes, the firefox window focus is completely lost, and the focus switches to another application!…

    Do you too see these problems?

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Arjun,

    Nice suggestions. I have tried all that you have said. I have only a couple of extensions related to my web development. And I enable them only when I do development and disable them during normal browsing.

    Even I have experimented problems like windows focus getting lost, focus switching to another application and sometimes even the window gets resized to the size of a dialog box. But I am not very sure whether these are problems with Firefox or the underlying OS

    Letâ??s hope these bugs get fixed soon.

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