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PersonalDNA Cool UI Controls

After getting recommendations from both Yuvi and Aswin, I gave a try to the PersonalDNA test. More than the questions what captured my attention were the cool UI controls. (See that what happens if you are a web programmer. What ever be the website you always tend to look at them from the design perfective rather than as a user)

Here are some of those cool UI controls.


Two dimensional select


Empty the bucket


From the source I came to know that the author has implemented then using flash. With the recent outbreak of AJAX libraries its not far from seeing these controls implemented in pure (X)HTML/CSS.

And btw my personal dna report said that I am a free-wheeling inventor and if you know me then you can psych you/psych me

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I am going naked

Well don’t stare at me with that strange look 😉

My latest super hero Dustin Diaz of Web standards with Imagination is launching the first annual CSS naked day on April 05, 2006 in the spirit of promoting Web Standards along with good semantic markup and proper hierarchy structures.

If you are brave enough then you can also participate by running your sites completely CSS free for the entire day. The point is to show off the “semantic-ness” of your markup. So if you are participating then just leave a comment at the announcement page. The list of participants is maintained in the official page.

Way to go Dustin! I’m in! Any takers?

PS: I was just wondering what if the webmaster has hard coded all style information using inline style attribute and is not using any external CSS file.

: BTW it’s already on Digg too.

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Learn J2EE programming with passion

Found this from SitePoint

Ready to get serious about learning Java Web application and enterprise application development? I can’t say I blame you those skills will net a pretty penny in the current job market. That’s why J2EE Programming (with Passion!), a free online class offered by Sun Microsystems employee Sang Shin in his spare time, is such an amazing opportunity.

Offered by means of a Yahoo! Groups discussion list, the class runs for about the length of a university semester. Once you subscribe, you’re responsible for reviewing the weekly pre-class reading material, reading the classroom slides with accompanying notes, and completing the assigned coursework and final project by the assigned dates. It’s just like taking a university class only you don’t have to show up at lectures oh, and did I mention it’s free?

If you’ve been awaiting an opportunity to learn J2EE in a structured way without shelling out a bunch of money on books and classes, this might just be the ticket. Sang Shin also offers a few other online classes, an advanced J2EE class among them.

The next session is starting today (26-Sep-2005) and I have registered for it. How about you?

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New Programming Language from SUN

Just a bit of technical news

Guy Steele, coauthor of the Java Language Specification, is working on a new programming language called Fortress.

Although the article claims the new language is intended to be better than Java the real objective seems to be a new domain specific language, this domain being science oriented programming on large super computers.

Quoting from the article:

Fortress focuses on the needs of programmers who work in mathematical disciplines and disciplines such as physics and chemistry that rely extensively on mathematics. For starters, the code looks like math — math the way it’s written on a chalkboard, with square root signs and exponents placed above the line.

It was not clear from reading the article if the runtime would be based on a JVM or a completely new technology. Can anybody throw light on this…

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PHP eLearning

One of my friend refered me to this excellent eLearning for PHP

Try it out if you are also willing to learn PHP like me 😉

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PHP MVC Framework

Just strumbled upon this when I was searching for some good frameworks to be used with PHP for my official work.

Check out php MVC The Model View Controller (MVC) Framework for PHP Web Applications.

It is similar to Jakarta Struts which is the famous framework for Java web applications

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