WordPress Developer tools to increase productivity in WordCamp Mumbai

I am in Mumbai this weekend to attend WordCamp Mumbai 2017. Unlike other WordCamps this one is spread across two days.

In this WordCamp I gave a talk about WordPress developer tools and moderated a group discussion about testing.

Group discussion about Testing

This time in addition to regular talks, the organizers also added a group discussion about testing. I moderated this discussion among a panel of 4 people who are heavily involved in testing.

The discussion revolved around the various testing tools and processes that people use for testing especially in the WordPress context and how they account for compatibility issues with different PHP versions, WordPress versions and other plugins.

I found this discussion very useful as a developer and learned about a couple of things that I can do to make testing easier.

There were also lot of good suggestions from the audience and one of them mentioned that you should try to do pair programming involving a developer and tester together. This is the first time I heard of such a practice and I am very interested to know whether this works. I might give it a try sometime soon.

My talk about increasing your productivity as a WordPress developer

I gave a talk about the different developer tools that I use to increase my productivity as a WordPress developer. This talk is very similar to the one that I gave in WordCamp Kochi last month, but I tweaked a couple of things especially around wp-cli and phpcs since there were other talks that went in detail in those topics.

I covered the following tools.

  • IDE (PhpStorm, vim)
  • Vagrant and FlyWheel
  • wp-cli
  • xDebug
  • phpcs
  • phpunit


You can download the slides from my slideshare account or view them below. While you are at it, you can also checkout some of my other talks.

The talk was recorded, so I am sure the organizers will upload them to WordPress TV soon. Once it is uploaded I will link it up here.

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  • I like to know best suitable editor where I can manage my PHP code versions on the cloud environment. By using FTP or C-Panel we are not able to maintain code in terms of WordPress. Your help will be helpful for us to make our environment automated.

    Thank you!

    • Sudar says:

      You can use a distributed version control system like git. Are you already using a version control system?

      • We are using Git for Cake-PHP Development & editor as Sublim Text. I want to switch from SublimeText to some another editor, so I can manage Version maintaining from the same editor rather than going for Command prompt. Suggest me some Editors to solve the above mentioned query.

  • Raspal Seni says:

    Hi Sudar,

    Though I missed your session, I’ll take a look at all the tools you mentioned.

    I’ve been a VIM (and Debian) user for quite a few years, so sure like to use it.

    Also, thanks to Vishal Kothari for the 30 second networking within the session, and to you too.

  • Arun says:

    Hi Sudar,

    Me and my team mates are using Xampp only. What about the flywheel?

    Is that good to work?

    What about your suggestion.

  • sandhosh says:

    Really Good blog post.provided a helpful information about wordpress developer tools to increase productivity.keep updating…

  • Haeie says:

    Hello, but how do I connect WordPress and Pothon?

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