WordPress 2.1 and custom field plugin Gotcha

I found a strange behavior in my blog after my recent upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Every time some one posts a comment the technorati tags for that particular posts were disappearing. After some debugging I found that it was caused by a plugin which I was using and not by WordPress itself.

And a little bit of searching let me to a thread in WordPress support forum, where some other people also were facing the same problem. With a little more digging I found an excellent explanation by Mark, where he describes the exact problem and also the solution. I am not going to explain the problem here because, Mark has already explained it in a very simple and precise manner and I don’t think I can do anything better.

The plugin which I was using to store my technorati tags was Bunny’s Technorati tags (to which I migrated some time back from Simple tags). I incorporated Mark’s fix and re-deployed the plugin and everything is working fine now.

I am going to update the plugin’s page at wp-plugin.org and meanwhile you can also bunny-tags.zip. Please note that this plugin was developed by Stephanie Booth and the full credit goes to her and I have just updated it to work with WordPress 2.1.

Let me know if you still face any issue with it. Happy upgrading 😉

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