Going to update WordPress, expect some turbulence

Guys, I am going to update my WordPress installation to WordPress 2.1 codenamed Ella. (Yes, yes I know I am late by 5 days this time).

Unlike my older updates, I am going to completely delete the files in the core directory and then going to place the latest files. So you may notice a small turbulence and I will try to keep the downtime (if any) to the minimum.

I am planning to finish the whole process with in 30 minutes and will post an update once the process is over.

Update: Everything went smoothly and this blog is now proudly running on WordPress 2.1

Update (29 Jan 2007): Well guys, the update was not as smooth as I expected. There is a small issue with the Bunny’s Technorati Tags plug in which I am using. Will post an update once I fix it.

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  • Yuvi says:

    I too am thinking of upgrading. A more detailed post would be more welcome:D

  • Sudar says:


    Just now I found a issue with the Bunny’s Technorati Tags which I was using. Every time some one post a comment in my blog, the technorati tags for that particular post are getting lost. It’s around 11: 20 PM now. Have to debug it only tomorrow. Will post an update about it once I finish it.


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