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WordPress 2.1 and custom field plugin Gotcha

I found a strange behavior in my blog after my recent upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Every time some one posts a comment the technorati tags for that particular posts were disappearing. After some debugging I found that it was caused by a plugin which I was using and not by WordPress itself.

And a little bit of searching let me to a thread in WordPress support forum, where some other people also were facing the same problem. With a little more digging I found an excellent explanation by Mark, where he describes the exact problem and also the solution. I am not going to explain the problem here because, Mark has already explained it in a very simple and precise manner and I don’t think I can do anything better.

The plugin which I was using to store my technorati tags was Bunny’s Technorati tags (to which I migrated some time back from Simple tags). I incorporated Mark’s fix and re-deployed the plugin and everything is working fine now.

I am going to update the plugin’s page at wp-plugin.org and meanwhile you can also bunny-tags.zip. Please note that this plugin was developed by Stephanie Booth and the full credit goes to her and I have just updated it to work with WordPress 2.1.

Let me know if you still face any issue with it. Happy upgrading 😉

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Migrated from Simple Tags to Bunny Technorati Tags

Both Simple Tags and Bunny Technorati Tags are nothing but WordPress Plugins, in case if you are wondering what the hell I am taking about. 😉

Both the above plug-ins lets you to insert Technorati tags in your blog posts. I have been using Simple Tags for quite some time but was not happy with its working. It stores the technorati tags with the blog post itself inside [tags][/tags] tags and they can be displayed only at the end of the posts. I found this very limiting because it was not suiting my recent design change. I wanted to display these technorati tags on a separate box on top of every post, but with Simple Tags this will not be possible.

So I searched for other plug-ins and found that Bunny Technorati Tags suits my needs. But then I have to remove the [tags][/tags] from every posts and include them inside a custom field.

Instead of doing it manually I wrote a PHP script to make the necessary changes to the table. If any one of you is also planning to do the same migration then you can grab the script and save some hours of copy pasting.

Now, after the migration I am able to place the technorati tags in the correct place where I wanted it to be displayed.

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