Thank you, Alex King

It is with great sadness that I came to know that Alex King one of the original WordPress developers has passed away last night.

Even though he doesn’t know me personally, he was one of my major inspirations and a major reason I started working on WordPress. He was also the reason I wrote my first every WordPress plugin back in 2008.

I saw in his “2007 in Review” blog post, the SQL queries he had used to generate stats for his year-end posts and the words “.. maybe I should make this a plugin“. I got¬†inspired by those words and created my first ever WordPress plugin using the queries that he published. You can also read my comment in his post.

This got me into WordPress plugin development and one thing led to another and after about 7 years I decided to completely shift my career towards WordPress.

Thank you Alex King for being my inspiration and for getting me interested in WordPress. You will always be my hero and I will be grateful to you till my last breath.

Rest in Peace.

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