WP Year End Stats


Displays some fancy stats about your blog which you can include in your year end review posts.

Requires Open Flash Chart Core Plugin.

More information at http://sudarmuthu.com/wordpress/wp-year-end-stats


The plugin currently supports the following stats

  • Total number of posts per year
  • Total number of comments per year
  • Total number of words written per year
  • Average length of posts per year


The following are the features that I am thinking of adding to the Plugin, when I get some free time. If you have any feature request or want to increase the priority of a particular feature, then let me know.

  • Remove dependency to Open Flash Chart Core plugin
  • Add support for shortcodes
  • Add more stats
  • Add translation support


  • If you have found a bug/issue or have a feature request, then post them in github issues
  • If you have a question about usage or need help to troubleshoot, then post in WordPress forums or leave a comment in plugins’s home page
  • If you like the Plugin, then kindly leave a review/feedback at WordPress repo page.
  • If you find this Plugin useful or and wanted to say thank you, then there are ways to make me happy :) and I would really appreciate if you can do one of those.
  • Checkout other WordPress Plugins that I have written
  • If anything else, then contact me in twitter.


You can download the Plugin as a zip file from the WordPress official Plugin directory.


Upload the file to your WordPress Plugin directory and then activate it from the Plugins page.

Make sure that even Open Flash Chart Core Plugin is installed and activated.


2014-01-26 – v0.5.1 – (Dev time: 0.5 hour)

  • Fix: There was some problem in the version. This is just to bump up version number

2014-01-26 – v0.5 – (Dev time: 2 hours)

  • Fix: Fix all warnings and undefined notices (issue #1)
  • Tweak: Count only posts from “post” post type (issue #2)
  • Add: Add support for translation (issue #6)

2013-02-09 – v0.4.1

  • Minor typo fixes

2009-01-27 – v0.4

  • Fourth Version

2008-12-27 – v0.3

  • Third Version

2008-06-08 – v0.2

  • Second Version

2008-01-01 – v0.1

  • First Version

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