Technorati to be sold

BL Ochman is reporting a rumor, that Technorati is available for sale.

Any one who is watching blogsphere for some time would have easily guessed as the long standing question ‘What is Technorati’s bussiness model?’ is still unanswered. So eventually it is expected to be brought by some big company.

Robert Scoble the-talkative-but-silent-recently-microsoft blogger also reports it and says that if he would have had access to cash then he would have brought it.

BL Ochman’s guess is that it would be brought by Yahoo. But I feel that Google would be more interested in buying Technorati rather than Yahoo. Recently there have been lot of speculation about Google’s SandBox effect which prevents new sites from showing up in Google’s search result and lot of people were discussing about the non-real-time-result of Google and near-real-time-result of Technorati. So my guess is that it Technorati would be brought by Google. What do u say guys..?

Update: This appears to be just a gulp of Google Juice. Technorati is still owned by David Sifry.

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