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Two companies change hands

I was reading Robert Scoble and he reports that two companies are changing hands. First Skype is sold to eBay and Oracle buys Siebel.

He also discuss about the advantages that eBay may get by using Skype.

Some people have come up to me and asked me “does this deal make any sense to you?” It does. eBay is a marketplace. It’s about putting buyers and sellers together. Now, how can you make that marketplace more efficient? Voice and video.

Selling things is easier when you can tell and show. Skype is all about that.

Can’t wait to see how this is going to change the way people buy things online.
Hopefully at least this is true, not like the Technorati rumor

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Technorati to be sold

BL Ochman is reporting a rumor, that Technorati is available for sale.

Any one who is watching blogsphere for some time would have easily guessed as the long standing question ‘What is Technorati’s bussiness model?’ is still unanswered. So eventually it is expected to be brought by some big company.

Robert Scoble the-talkative-but-silent-recently-microsoft blogger also reports it and says that if he would have had access to cash then he would have brought it.

BL Ochman’s guess is that it would be brought by Yahoo. But I feel that Google would be more interested in buying Technorati rather than Yahoo. Recently there have been lot of speculation about Google’s SandBox effect which prevents new sites from showing up in Google’s search result and lot of people were discussing about the non-real-time-result of Google and near-real-time-result of Technorati. So my guess is that it Technorati would be brought by Google. What do u say guys..?

Update: This appears to be just a gulp of Google Juice. Technorati is still owned by David Sifry.

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Arfa – Youngest MCAD

Till now I was quite proud that I got MCAD and even posted my certificate. But I felt very bad about it when I found that a girl named Arfa Karim Randhawa in Pakisthan has finished her MCAD at the age of 9. Ya even I didn’t believe it at first (I read it twice before believing). Here is the link.

To recognize her talents and encourage her Microsoft has invited her to its Redmond campus and also arranged for an interview with Bill Gates.

What impressed me most was how she was described.

She made an impression through a combination of charm, flattery and boldness uncommon for someone her age. For example, during Arfa’s meeting with Gates, she presented him with a poem she wrote that celebrated his life story. But she also questioned him about what she perceived to be the relatively small proportion of women on the campus.”It should be balanced — an equal amount of men and an equal amount of women,” she explained afterward.

Here are some more excerpts

Later in the afternoon, she sat outside with S. “Soma” Somasegar, a Microsoft corporate vice president, and described her vision for a self-navigating car. He listened to her ideas and told her about some of Microsoft’s existing software for cars.

To be sure, despite her question to Gates about employing people her age, Microsoft wasn’t about to offer a job to someone so young. But Somasegar talked about the possibility of an internship in a few years.

“The thing that’s exciting to me is her passion for technology at this age,” said Somasegar, who decided to invite Arfa to Redmond after reading a story about her in MicroNews, an internal company newsletter.

I think it is a big success for Microsoft and also a real booster for both Microsoft and also the developers who use Microsoft technologies.

It looks strange how Robert Scoble missed it. Come on Scoble stop comparing Technorati and Bloglines and blog about this too. She promises to be a better evangelist than you for Microsoft 😉

Update: Some one in the comments said that this is news is a fraud. Here is the official news from Microsoft site itself.

BTW Scoble I am still waiting for your answer. Take some time to comment on this apart from comparing different blog searching engines. 😉

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