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Making Yahoo Pipes feed work in wp-o-matic

Recently I was playing with wp-o-matic WordPress Plugin using a feed from Yahoo pipes. For the uninitiated, wp-o-matic is a WordPress Plugin which enables you to create new posts automatically from RSS or Atom feeds and Yahoo pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator.

After configuring everything, wp-o-matic kept on saying “0 posts fetched”, even though there were some posts in the feed generated by Yahoo pipes. After some research, I found out that I was not the only one facing this issue and there seems to be a bug in wp-o-matic which breaks feed urls having ampersand (&) character.

After digging into the code further, I found out the url is HTML encoded and stored in the database and is not decoded while retrieved. This occurs in the addCampaignFeed() function at line 1011 in the wpomatic.php file.

function addCampaignFeed($id, $feed)
    global $wpdb;
    $simplepie = $this->fetchFeed($feed, true);
    $url = $wpdb->escape($simplepie->subscribe_url());
    // code continues

In the above code, the function $simplepie->subscribe_url() returns the html encoded url. So to fix this, we have to pass the url to the htmlspecialchars_decode function. So to fix the bug we have to use the below code.

function addCampaignFeed($id, $feed)
    global $wpdb;
    $simplepie = $this->fetchFeed($feed, true);
    $url = $wpdb->escape(htmlspecialchars_decode($simplepie->subscribe_url()));
    // code continues

I have also notified the Plugin author about this and hopefully should be fixed soon, till then you can use the above code change if you are using feed from Yahoo pipes.

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Videos from pipesCamp

Following the photos from pipesCamp, here are the videos which were taken during the event.

pipesCamp hackday competition in full action. Everyone is busy preparing their pipes to get their 3 minutes of fame ;). You can also find myself, Yuvi and Harish busy preparing the ego search.

Myself and Yuvi presenting ego search for the hackday competition.

Sid presenting his MTC bus mashup during the presentation.

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Photos from pipesCamp

As promised here are some of the photos taken during the pipesCamp event which I attended two weeks back. After failing to find a way to directly embed photos from Flickr, I am now hotlinking them.

Sudar, Yuvi and Harish getting ready to present ego search

Myself, Yuvi and Harish getting ready to present ego search. Photo by Bosky

Yuvi explaing ego search

Yuvi explaing ego search, while myself and Harish showing the demo. Photo by Bosky

Our ego search demo

Our ego search in action. Photo by Bosky

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion. We were discussing about everything from blogging to pipes. I am the one on the extreme right. Photo by Yuvi.

Panel Discussion

Another photo taken during Panel Discussion. Photo by Bosky

It was really great event and there are plenty of other photos available in Flickr.

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