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Google Wave related videos

My crush for Google Wave didn’t stop by watching the Google Wave keynote video alone. I watched other videos related to Google wave and thought of indexing them here, so that it may be of help to others like me 🙂

First is the granddaddy of all, the Google I/O keynote video

Technical Details about Google Wave

Programming With and For Google Wave. Google I/O video, which explain how to use Google Wave with demos, samples and code

Google Wave team talks about their experience in building Google Wave entirely using Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google engineer David Wang explains how collaborative editing through concurrency control and operational transform work in Google Wave.

Google Engineer Casey Whitelaw describes the natural language processing behind Google Wave’s spelling correction on the deck of the Sydney office.


Google co-founder Sergey Brin about Google Wave

Google Wave founding Team Interview by TechCrunch

Vic Gundotra, VP Engineering of Google talks about Google Wave

Interview of Stephanie Hannon, Program Manager for Wave


And at last, a video about how the Google wave team got played off by keyboard cat 😉

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Uploading Videos into iPod

Quite a few of my friends asked me how to upload video into iPod. So instead of explaing to each and every one of them separately I thought of writing about it and then directing them here.

First if you want to play the video in your iPod then it must be in MP4 file format. If you already have your files in this format then you can add it to your iTunes library by just drag and drop. If it is not then you must use a Video converter to convert it into the MP4 file format.

Luckily there is a software called Free iPod Video Converter which does exactly the same and more over it’s free. Download it from its website and install it. You can add the files which need to be converted by just drag and drop and then select the appropriate parameters (99% of the time you don’t need to change anything.)

Free Video Converter

Then enter the tags for your video file and click ok

Free Video Converter

Now click convert button and you are done.

Free Video Converter

After the conversion process you can just add the generated file to your iTunes library and then it will get automatically uploaded to your iPod the next time you connect it.

Other useful converters from the same company – Jodix

And most of them have the similar GUI and operation.

This article is part of an ongoing series of posts under the title ‘iPod Tips and Tricks‘. Here is the list of article in the series

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One more gadget

I have added one more to my list of electronic gadget and this one is the costlier of all. Yes I have a new little cute black beauty with me now – 30GB iPod Video 5G.

ipod Video

Today is my first day of ownership and I should accept that I have fallen in love on first sight itself. I am currently installing iTunes so that I can export some of my audio and video collection into this new cutie.

I am not very much into listening to music when I am traveling, but now I can listen to podcasts during my one and a half hour travel to office every day. So suggest me some good podcast shows.

I am going to listen to some nice tracks now and I will write about my experience with iPod after I use it for some time.

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