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My crush for Google Wave didn’t stop by watching the Google Wave keynote video alone. I watched other videos related to Google wave and thought of indexing them here, so that it may be of help to others like me 🙂

First is the granddaddy of all, the Google I/O keynote video

Technical Details about Google Wave

Programming With and For Google Wave. Google I/O video, which explain how to use Google Wave with demos, samples and code

Google Wave team talks about their experience in building Google Wave entirely using Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google engineer David Wang explains how collaborative editing through concurrency control and operational transform work in Google Wave.

Google Engineer Casey Whitelaw describes the natural language processing behind Google Wave’s spelling correction on the deck of the Sydney office.


Google co-founder Sergey Brin about Google Wave

Google Wave founding Team Interview by TechCrunch

Vic Gundotra, VP Engineering of Google talks about Google Wave

Interview of Stephanie Hannon, Program Manager for Wave


And at last, a video about how the Google wave team got played off by keyboard cat 😉

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  • Jaskirat says:

    Thanks for this! Seen one or two. Will watch rest when i get the time. Have you applied for the sandbox access?? This is so cool! I m in love with google wave 😀

    • Sudar says:


      Nice to know there is one more person who is in love with Google Wave 🙂

      Yeah, I have applied for the sandbox account and waiting for access. Will let you know once I get access.

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