One more gadget

I have added one more to my list of electronic gadget and this one is the costlier of all. Yes I have a new little cute black beauty with me now – 30GB iPod Video 5G.

ipod Video

Today is my first day of ownership and I should accept that I have fallen in love on first sight itself. I am currently installing iTunes so that I can export some of my audio and video collection into this new cutie.

I am not very much into listening to music when I am traveling, but now I can listen to podcasts during my one and a half hour travel to office every day. So suggest me some good podcast shows.

I am going to listen to some nice tracks now and I will write about my experience with iPod after I use it for some time.

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  • Yuvi says:

    ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… And, wow wow wow wow wow wow. And, that too a Vedio Ipod ? WOOOOOW…. I’d love to know how much it costs…

  • Sudar says:

    Thanks yuvi,

    Actual showroom cost is Rs. 22,300.

  • Aswin Anand says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!

    naan vaaya polandachu

    he he he!!


  • Aswin Anand says:

    hey sudar, how do u create podcasts ?? in ur old blog i saw u did some 😀

  • Sudar says:


    He he â?¦. 🙂

    Actually I didnâ??t create that podcast. I was interview for a podcast by a person called Kamla who runs the Kamla Bhatt show.

    But I donâ??t think creating a podcast is that difficult. What you need is just a good mic and sound recording software. Even the sound recorder program that comes will do (or alteast thatâ??s what I think)

    And if you are so inclined in creating the podcast, then let me know I can put you in touch with a person who is a professional podcaster.

  • USA Gadget Review says:

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