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Convert MP3 audio books to iPod audio books file format

Recently I got some MP3 audio books from a magazine CD. I wanted to upload them to my iPod so that I can listen to them during my compute to office. But then I found that these were in MP3 format and not in iPod audio book format.

The main feature of the iPod audio book format is that the iPod can remember the last listening position and also we can adjust the reading speed in case, which is not possible if it is in MP3 format.

I started looking for a program to convert MP3 files to iPod audio book format and found an excellent program MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter. It is free, opensource and the best part is that it works.

Download the program and install it. Once installed start the program from start menu and then click the Add button.

Convert MP3 audio books to iPod audio books file format

Select the MP3 files and then click the Open button. (You can also press shift to select multiple files)

Convert MP3 audio books to iPod audio books file format

Arrange the files in the correct order and then click the Start Conversion button. You can also edit the tags if you want.

Convert MP3 audio books to iPod audio books file format

The program will ask to specify the file name and once given it will start the conversion.
Once the program finishes you can add the file to iTunes and then sync it with iPod. Happy Listening 🙂


You can download MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter from its download page.
You can also get some free Audio book from AudioBooksForFree.com

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First aid advice on your iPod

Here is another use of your ipod (or any other mp3 player for that matter). You can refer you iPod for first aid tips incase of a mishap.

St. John ambulance service has some handy first aid advice which you can download to your iPod. This could be useful in an emergency, but its best if you give it a listen before you need it. They also have written First aid advice. All the audio files are available in 3 different file formats (mp3, AAC, Real) and can be downloaded from their online advice page.

If you are lazy to download these files manually, then you can also download them automatically using their podcast feed. All you have to do is just to subscribe to their podcast feed using iTunes (or using your favorite podcast reader).

Sussex ambulance service is also hosting some first aid advice files in their community page.

Hope you never get to use these advice but anyways do listen to them atleast once because just in case…

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One more gadget

I have added one more to my list of electronic gadget and this one is the costlier of all. Yes I have a new little cute black beauty with me now – 30GB iPod Video 5G.

ipod Video

Today is my first day of ownership and I should accept that I have fallen in love on first sight itself. I am currently installing iTunes so that I can export some of my audio and video collection into this new cutie.

I am not very much into listening to music when I am traveling, but now I can listen to podcasts during my one and a half hour travel to office every day. So suggest me some good podcast shows.

I am going to listen to some nice tracks now and I will write about my experience with iPod after I use it for some time.

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