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My New Year resolutions

Well, yet another year has come and it’s time to take a second look at your life and make some resolutions. (and whether I really follow them throughout the year is another major questions anyways 😉 )

And here are some of my New Year resolutions (some of them are in my to-do list for quite some time now) and lets hope that I keep them up 🙂

  • My reading habit has gone down very much, so first resolution – Read at least a book every month (novels don’t count).
  • Learn a new language (or technology) – 2004 in was PHP, 2005 made me to (re)learn JavaScript for AJAX, 2006 it was Python and 2007 it is going to be Ruby.
  • Redesign this site for May 1st CSS Reboot.
  • Start (or at least take part in) an open source project – it’s time to give back something to the community.
  • Try to do some freelance work – Does anybody need a WordPress consultant? 😉
  • Buy Apple iPhone – (How about a PayPal donate button here for you guys to donate ha ha 😉 )

So guys, what are your resolutions?

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