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Android on iPhone

Yes, you read the title correctly. Now it is possible to run Android on iPhone (and can have flash too 😉 )

Planentbeing from linux on iphone project has successfully ported Android to run on iPhone. You can see the following video where he demos dual booting iPhone with android.

Man, seriously this guy is a genius and I really adore his reverse engineering skills.

You can also download pre-built images and source and can try it out, if you have an old iPhone lying around.

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My New Year resolutions

Well, yet another year has come and it’s time to take a second look at your life and make some resolutions. (and whether I really follow them throughout the year is another major questions anyways 😉 )

And here are some of my New Year resolutions (some of them are in my to-do list for quite some time now) and lets hope that I keep them up 🙂

  • My reading habit has gone down very much, so first resolution – Read at least a book every month (novels don’t count).
  • Learn a new language (or technology) – 2004 in was PHP, 2005 made me to (re)learn JavaScript for AJAX, 2006 it was Python and 2007 it is going to be Ruby.
  • Redesign this site for May 1st CSS Reboot.
  • Start (or at least take part in) an open source project – it’s time to give back something to the community.
  • Try to do some freelance work – Does anybody need a WordPress consultant? 😉
  • Buy Apple iPhone – (How about a PayPal donate button here for you guys to donate ha ha 😉 )

So guys, what are your resolutions?

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