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Introducing HardwareFun.com

Sometime back, I told you guys about a secret project which I have been working on and now it’s time to reveal it 😉 So ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to my new pet project HardwareFun.com.

So what is this project about?

Regular readers of my blog would have noticed that I have started playing around with hardware (especially Arduino) for quite sometime now and I really enjoy doing it. I used to talk about it at various events and realized that lot of people are interested in doing it as a hobby but don’t know where to start, especially if they are not from electronics background.

The number of emails that I used to get from people asking me how I got started doing hardware programming increased over the period of time, especially after Raspberry Pi became famous. This made me to think about ways to share my knowledge about hardware programming, which I have learned over a period of time, so that it will help people who are also interested to get into hardware programming like me. Also it will give me a personal satisfaction of giving something back to the world of web from where I have learned pretty much everything.

.. and that’s how HardwareFun.com was born 🙂

I am planning to write about project and libraries that I am working on, tutorials to get you started with hardware programming, about shields and other hardware that I have used and of course about my experiences programming them etc. If enough people are interested I might even start conducting workshops or other events to help people get started with hardware programming. So lot of existing stuff to come, stay tuned 😉

I have already started posting a couple of tutorials and articles on the site so do check it out and let me know if you have any feedback.

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