Programmable watch – My new Geek toy

I have added a new addition to my existing list of geek toys. This time it the programmable watch ez430 by Texas instruments.EZ430-Chronos

Yes you heard it right; it is a watch which you can (re)program 😉


The following are some of its features

  • MSP430 with integrated <1GHz wireless transceiver
  • On-board 3-axis accelerometer
  • Pressure sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Battery voltage sensor
  • 96-Segment LCD display driven directly by CC430
  • Includes an eZ430 USB emulator that connects the Chronos to a PC for real-time, in-system programming and debugging
  • Can be paired wirelessly with other RF based devices
  • And of course you can see time as well 😉


Here is a video introducing the watch by Texas Instruments

I am currently working on a couple of ideas like integrating this watch with Arduino etc. So stay tuned. Meanwhile if you see me waving hands in the air, look carefully, I might be controlling the nearby devices using gestures 😉

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