Joined 10up

After being “officially unemployed” for about a month (and after taking a nice break 😉 ) I have joined 10up.

Different Career Options

One of the advantages (and may be also disadvantage) of working and having hobbies in multiple technologies spread over multiple fields is that you always have a couple of options when it comes to career choices. I did a quick count and found that I have shipped production code in more than half a dozen programming languages in my one decade of professional career and have dabbled around in another half a dozen of them.

After Yahoo, I took a step back and was thinking about my different options and found that I have at least four major tracks in which I can concentrate for my career.

  • Data Scientist/Research Engineer
  • Frontend and web development
  • WordPress
  • Hardware, IoT and Electronics (though it was more of a hobby)

After much self-reflection, I decided to steer my career towards WordPress. The main reason being that I always loved working in WordPress (which should be very clear from the list of WordPress plugins that I have created so far;) ) and also for the fact that I have not worked in WordPress as part of any of my day jobs, expect for a very small project at Yahoo where I helped to create the Yahoo Labs site using WordPress.

When you really love working on something why not do it as part of your day job?

Why 10up?10up

After deciding to steer my career towards WordPress, I was exploring my options and found 10up to be an ideal match. They are a group of really smart WordPress developers who have excellent engineering practices and are an amazing team. After Automattic (parent company of WordPress) they have the most number of contributors to WordPress core.

Ohh, above all I get to work remotely 😉

Doing excellent WordPress work in shorts (or lungi in my case 😉 ) from the comfort of my home was too much to resist 🙂

I have never worked remotely before and so this is going to be an excellent learning opportunity and I get to spend more time with my son who is just about a year old now and getting into a phase where he wants to spend more time with me.

New job is always a new phase in your life with new opportunities and experience. I am looking forward to my new job at 10up and will keep you guys posted about how working remotely works for me.

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