Goodbye Yahoo

Today was my last day at Yahoo and for the first time in my decade long career I am “officially unemployed” 😉

When you work at a place for more than half a decade then lot of things in your life start to revolve around it. The countless amount of Yahoo swags at my home is a testimonial to it. I just did a look around and found the following Yahoo branded items around me.

  • Yahoo T-shirts (which I have enough for this lifetime 😉 )
  • iPad
  • Couple of power banks
  • Couple of pen drives
  • Couple of bean bags
  • All kind of bags starting from backpacks to laptop bags, travel bags, carry bags etc
  • Couple of toys for my son
  • Pens and lot of other small things

I came out of the office today with lot of good memories (that I can cherish for my entire life) and I am pretty sure Yahoo would continue to be part of my life even though I don’t work there any more.

What’s next?

I have not made up mind yet and at this point I am planning to take up a break for a couple of weeks so that I can reboot myself before deciding anything. Meanwhile I might concentrate more on my pet projects and might spend a little extra time with Bulk WP.

Anyways I will keep you guys updated of what I am up to and meanwhile I am going to enjoy my little break 😉

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