ICICI Bank now supports Firefox

It’s been nearly a year since I moved from IE to Firefox and I never returned back, expect for certain sites that have the “IE Only” tag. Once such website is ICICIBank.com. They used ActiveX heavily and it was rendering only in IE. I installed the IEView Firefox extension to automatically load it in IE, whenever I type the url.

But recently I have noticed that they have started to support Firefox too. That’s really great news for me and for Firefox too. The other day Asa was saying how Korea’s largest portal/search site Naver.com started to support Firefox. Probably he should even ICICIBank.com to that list.

I would be really happy if even the BSNL broadband site also starts to support Firefox, as it is the only site that I view in IE.

PS: BTW have you ever wondered what is the full form of ICICI, it is actually Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. Thank Sushhubh.

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  • Yuvi says:

    Well, IE is not actually needed to view that site. Check out this app here. It just saves you a lot of manual adding:D

    And, I’ve tried to view the site using Opera and askin it to Pose as IE, and the Site rendered correctly. So, I think this should be possible in FireFox too by Changing the UserAgent… Have to check that out…

  • Sushubh says:

    i doubt they support opera. firefox has been working for me since quite sometime. i do online share trading using firefox since past couple of months.

  • disappointed customer says:

    it’s NO go with firefox 3.0.7 and llinux. only IE7 and windows. F***

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